Béal na mBláth Commemoration

Mary Robinson at the Beal na Blath Commemoration

Mary Robinson at Beal na mBláth - Photo by Colum Cronin

The commomoration and oration yesterday at Béal na mBláth was very well attended despite the terrible weather. Mary Robinson gave a great speech although there was a most awful down pour of rain while she spoke. It was so bad at times it was difficult to hear her! She said Ireland more than ever now needs a visionary, like Michael Collins, who can lead us out of our current economic crisis and help engender a more equitable and fair society in Ireland.

Michael Collins grand niece, Helen Hoare spoke then, again through terrible rain showers. She  spoke about Mary Robinsons career and achievments and the impact it has had on Ireland and Irish society.

There was a short prayer, the last post was played and the event was finished off with a rendition of the national anthem.

The rain persisted but many stayed back to shake the guest speakers hand and get photos taken with her. Mary finally made her way back to her waiting car totally soaked, like the rest of us! Still despite the weather it was a great occasion enjoyed by all who attended.

Podcasts/Audio Recordings

Mary Robinson’s commemoration speech:

Helen Hoare’s tribute to Mary Robinson:

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