‘The Story of Ireland’ – Brian Boru and and our local Cahirvagliar Fort

As many of you know, the “Story of Ireland” series began last night on RTE. Presented by Journalist and author, Fergal Keane, the series is gives a intriguing account of Ireland with some masterful cinematography. What struck me was how much content the producers packed into the hour slot for series one. Covering the “Age of Invasions”, Fergal travels not only around Ireland but to other countries where our ancestors had great influences. Norman invasions, Saint Patrick, Monasticism and Christianity were featured in a very well told story.

Brian becomes the first martyr for faith and fatherland, depicted here in one of a number of lovely illustrations in "The Story of Ireland" Episode 1

Brian Boru was also mentioned in the documentary. Interesting fact – our own Cahervagliair fort has been connected through local folklore to one of Ireland’s best known historical figures, Brian Boru. It is believed that Brian was held hostage here when he was a young boy between the ages of 8 and 16 years.

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More on Cahirvagliar Fort here

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