Castletownkinneigh N. S. History – An Appeal

Castletown (Kinneigh) National School(s) served as a center of education since May 1853, preparing 1000’s of young people to tread the path of life.  Is it not incredible that there is no written account of this highly important facility in existence?  There are many past pupils of Castletown NS in Ireland and around the globe, so should there not be an effort made to document this highly important history while these people are around to do so?  We need your personal accounts of your schooldays in Castletown.  Do you remember your first day at school?, the journey there, mode of transport, did you meet up with others along the way, if so with whom?  Who were your teachers?, what games did you have at playtime? Do you remember particular lessons/schoolbooks? first communion & confirmation days, special events, outings etc etc.  Do you have any school photographs? Having co-edited a Coppeen NS school history book in 2007, and seen the fruits of our work appreciated by so many, and to have these memories recorded for future generations, it seems to be an absolute shame if Castletown NS is not afforded a similar effort, but the clock ticks on…  It is imperative that whatever remnants of Castletown schoolday memories remain be collected and recorded appropriately as soon as possible.  If you would like to help us in this respect, please email us at

A Public Meeting will be held (appropriately) in Castletown Community Center (formerly Castletown NS) on Monday 11th April 2011 at 9pm. You are welcome to attend if you are interested in helping in any way with this project.  Past pupils particularly welcome.  Photographs, school books/documents etc needed.

“Schooldays are the best so people say, and we all remember them in a special way. Our teachers and our pals, And the happy times we had, Playing ’round The Old Schoolyard” – Colum Cronin

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