Heritage Week Event in Castletown-Kinneigh

A large crowd turned up in Castletown-Kinneigh for this years CAHCS Heritage Week Event.  ‘Castletown, a glimpse of its past’ was presented by Chairman Colum Cronin, assisted by Seamus Crowley & John Joe Crowley.

Seamus & John Joe Crowley at Castletown-Kinneigh Comm Hall

Colum first welcomed the crowd to the Community Hall, & presented a brief history of Castletown from the 1600’s to recent times.  Then John Joe & Seamus led a walk around the village, giving their thoughts on their schooldays in the village, describing the school, and each house and those who occupied them over the years.  The churchyard was also visited.  Then everybody returned to the Community Hall where teas were served by the ladies of CAHCS.  People remarked on how important it is that our local history is talked about & shared by those who have lived & experienced a very different way of life.  Hopefully we will get to documenting this in textual form sooner than later.

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