Work in Kinneigh Graveyard

Work continues in Kinneigh graveyard around the new ‘Angel Stone’ area.  Brendan Collins’s talent as a master stone builder is very much in evidence as he prepares this newly developed corner area tastefully and sensitively.  This special place will be dedicated to all those who have been buried in Kinneigh but whose names are not recorded on a memorial.  Brendan is building a hexagon-shaped stone seat which reflects aspects of the unique nearby round tower.

In the near future we will be able to offer the facility to relatives/friends of such dearly departed, to have plaques erected in this ‘memorial garden’ ensuring that their loved ones will never be forgotten.  Please contact us if you are interested.

Brendan is also carrying out some essential repairs on the old perimeter wall at the roadside.  Tús worker Jerry Hennessy is performing some maintenance miracles all over the graveyard.  Under the guidance of Catryn Power (now retired Co Council Archaeologist) Jerry has been clearing trees & vegetation from various walls & graves where they were posing varying degrees of threat to these structures.  Jerry has also worked around the Leaba Owen wedge tomb in Sliabhowen.  Admin work continues on collating the graveyard data gathered from the Kinneigh gravestones over the past few years.

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