Coppeen Heritage Trail

The long awaited Coppeen Heritage Trail was officially launched at the society’s annual heritage week event. For years, visitors have often passed by the general catchment area of Coppeen, missing out in some of our country’s most important archaeological and historical sites. With the Coppeen Heritage Trail, visitors to the area can easily plot out their trip to the likes of Kilmichael and Beal na mBlath and all of the sites in between such as much valued Cahirvagliair Ring Fort.

The map will be erected in Coppeen Village in the coming months. In the meantime, here is a digital version for you to feast your eyes on.


Shane Cronin

Image of Coppeen Heritage Trail - a map illustrating heritage sites around the area

Visitor’s map for the Coppeen area which includes sites such as Kilmichael and Beal na Bláth

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