Coppeen NS visit to The Forge

One fine morning, just recently, Brendan Collins & Colum Cronin fired up the forge fire, got the place in order & at the appointed time, the pupils of 6th Class Coppeen NS, along with some teachers walked the 1/4 mile or so distance from the school to the forge.  Then, Brendan proceeded to show the pupils some typical forge tasks, by heating an iron bar in the fire & working it on the anvil.  Colum explained the many purposes of the forge in our society in bygone days & how essential it was to our very existence.

The children showed a keen interest & asked some very interesting questions.  They were exceptionally well behaved & were a credit to themselves & their teachers.  They were treated to some icecreams afterwards on Mary Crosses’ lovely lawn, where they examined & admired the wonderful 1896 sundial.

Photo shows the pupils with Brendan Collins, Catherine Bradley (School Principal) Colum Cronin & Mary Cross

Coppeen NS 6th Class pupils visiting Coppeen Forge.

Coppeen NS 6th Class pupils visiting Coppeen Forge, June 2016

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