Tim Foley, John Nyhan, Brendan Collins, Colum Cronin (Tony Coughlan & JJ Crowley missing)

Tim Foley, John Nyhan, Brendan Collins, Colum Cronin (Tony Coughlan & JJ Crowley missing)

As most of us from the locality know, Kinneigh Round Tower and Graveyards and St Bartholomew’s Church of Ireland make up a very unique and special place. Throughout the year, but especially in the summer a constant stream of people visit here. The Church of Irl. Graveyard is a relatively modern one, and is regularly maintained and beautifully kept.

CAHCS has been very proactive over the years in taking care of the old graveyard. With the help of UCC we have mapped it, we have surveyed and documented every grave marker (years of work – ongoing) We have created a unique memorial garden and erected a Famine Plot marker. But, one perpetual problem keeps ‘cropping’ up; the grass keeps on growing! Up until 2016, the Co. Council dutifully did their job and had the grass cut three times annually, usually very tastefully by Christy O’Leary. But, for whatever reason, they now have abandoned Kinneigh.

Because of the rough terrain of this graveyard; generations of burial markers in no particular order, large imposing monuments, small lumps of stone, sunken graves, heights, hollows etc, cutting back the grass is a slow tedious job.

This year, in July 2017, we have just completed cutting the graveyard for the second time. Along with this, one of us regularly (every couple of weeks) cuts certain areas with a lawn mower.

Ideally, the job of cutting the graveyard should be done more regularly, preferably four times during the grass-growing season.

Huge thanks must go to those who answer the call to get out their strimmers. When we manage to get four or more volunteers to work together here, it makes the job a bit more bearable, as one can measure steady progress. But, how we wish that more people would join us, particularly those who have family graves here in Kinneigh. Readers, please do make an effort to spread the word, we urgently need more volunteers to carry out this vital maintenance work and keep this beautiful, historic and special place looking as it should.

HUGE thanks to those who have recently answered the call: Brendan Collins, Tim Foley, Tony Coughlan, John G Nyhan & J.J. Crowley.

Please give me a ring at 026-46078 if you would like to add your name to this list, thanks – Colum Cronin.                                                                            

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