HERITAGE WEEK EVENT 2017 – Wed, 23rd Aug.

CAHCS has consistently held a Heritage Week event each year since our formation. This year we are looking at a very interesting topic; our local place names and their meanings, with a particular focus on the relationship between our natural environment and place names.  We often wonder about the deeper meanings of our townland names. In many instances some natural feature (or features) of the landscape has dictated the local placename. The original name, more often than not was in Irish, which, at a later time might have been anglicised, further complicating the issue. In many cases our forbearers have left behind words in various languages in disparate forms which toponymists are eager to unravel and interpret (JF Collins)

We issue an open invitation to all interested parties to come along and be part of this event, as we open a discussion on as many of our local place names as time will allow. We will present data from the likes of Bruno O’Donoghue, Jeremiah O’Mahony and their contemporaries, along with more modern writers such as James Collins. We look forward to a lively discussion around this important topic. We owe it to ourselves to further educate ourselves on this fascinating subject.

Wed. 23rd Aug, 7pm to 10pm. An Caipín function room (upstairs) Refreshments will follow.   EVERYBODY WELCOME


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