Fr Tom Hayes “Exploring the origin & practices of Station Masses” Wed 7th Nov, 8:30.

Fr Tom Hayes has proven himself to be something of a legend in & around the Enniskeane area since his arrival. His many accomplishments include the revival of The Station Mass, a dying practice in many parishes. The Stations were a regular event in country life in days of yore. In the lead-up, a HUGE clean-up occurred, where everybody, young & old mucked in to clean & paint inside the house & outside. After all, one couldn’t have the neighbours seeing the place looking anything other than its best! Many of the older practices around the mass, the collection of the Station Box, the preparation of ‘the altar’ etc etc have been largely consigned to the pages of history. Fr Tom will remind us of all these & much much more. A highly entertaining & educational evening assured. So, be there, An Caipín meeting room, 8:30pm. €5 admission for non-members, teas included. EVERYBODY WELCOME!

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