Coppeen Emigrants – A Reverse Genealogy Resource

This is an exercise in what is sometimes called Reverse Genealogy. Instead of some descendants in America or wherever seeking out the parish or townland that their Irish ancestors came from, we are looking at old records of the Coppeen area, finding family names that are long gone from the district and trying to find out where these people might have gone to.

Who knows, there may be direct descendants of some of these 18th and 19th century residents of Coppeen somewhere in the world, old  or new, who are unaware that their ancestors came from a small village in rural west Cork. This facility may help someone somewhere to connect back to their West Cork ancestry. They may even want to pay a visit to the place their Irish forebears left all those years ago. If so, they would be assured of a warm West Cork welcome.

We would encourage anyone to get in touch if you recognise some of your ancestors here. We may be able to tell you more about your forefathers and the place they inhabited.
Please also let us know if you have something to add to the stories or see a mistake in the information published here.

To contact us, please email columcronin@googlemail.comWe start with a history of the Tyner families of Coppeen West and Lackanashinnagh. We hope to add other emigrant families from Coppeen over the coming months and years.

We follow their departures to other areas of County Cork and further afield in Ireland. But some of the Tyner family headed off across the Atlantic and we also attempt to identify some of the ‘footprints’ these West Cork emigrants left behind in various American records.

In particular, we follow the trail of Jonas Tyner who left Coppeen in 1857 and arrived in New York aboard the Cornelia Lawrence in July of that year. He married another young Irish emigrant, Mary Jane McMahon, in 1864 and they raised a family of ten children in a farming community in Iowa.

In the aerial photograph above, the farm that Jonas Tyner left all those years ago is shown in the right foreground, with the village of Coppeen at the crossroads behind it.

We begin our journey into the past with the Tyners of Coppeen, West

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